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New Mens Health Fellowship at Eastern Maine Medical Center

Date: 11/13/2018

New Fellowship at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Shines Spotlight on Men’s Health Needs

As people around the world focus their attention to men’s health issues during “Movember” – a time when many men grow a mustache in support of men’s health awareness – Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is pleased to announce a new fellowship in men’s health, recognizing the unique health conditions that affect men.

In the US, the average life expectancy of men is 76; five years younger than that of women. More than half of all deaths from heart disease are among men. Other issues unique to men include prostate health, erectile dysfunction, male hormone disorders, infertility, and more.

In 2012, the American Society of Men’s Health was established to promote research, advocacy, and improved clinical service for men’s health needs, and William Sturrock, MD, men's health specialist, Northern Light Urology, took note. Like his colleagues across the country, Dr. Sturrock recognized that men’s health is an underrepresented area, and he set out to change that. He spent the next few years developing training and finalizing the necessary curriculum to move forward with a new fellowship centered around men’s health.

Flash forward to 2017 when the Medical Center approved its first ever Fellowship in Men’s Health. This fellowship provided an opportunity for a physician to gain expertise in male reproductive medicine, as well as an appreciation for the collaborative nature of providing optimum healthcare to men.

At about this same time, Allison Keith, MD, was just completing her time in Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center’s residency program and she was seeking new challenges. Armed with an interest in men’s health, Dr. Keith connected with Dr. Sturrock and was selected as the Medical Center’s first ever Fellow in Men’s Health. “I am incredibly honored to be selected for this fellowship, allowing me to work alongside Dr. Sturrock who is so widely regarded,” says Dr. Keith. “The work he has done to establish this program is important, and I am pleased to further my understanding of and treatment for critical health issues facing men.”

This new fellowship is one of only a handful offered at the Medical Center, the others being in osteopathic medicine, palliative care, and emergency medicine. Dr. Keith is already seeing patients at Northern Light Urology (formerly EMMC Urologic Surgery of Maine) and is accepting new patients as well. Eventually, the goal is to expand the program further to include research, specifically around prostate cancer.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sturrock or Dr. Keith, or to learn more about the Men’s Health Fellowship, call Northern Light Urology at 207-947-0469.

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