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New imaging technology for evaluating liver fibrosis

Date: 12/03/2019

Ultrasound_Liver-Software-(1).jpgBangor, Maine (December 3, 2019) —Northern Light Imaging is now offering a quick, noninvasive option for diagnosing liver disease, known as Shear Wave Elastography. Studies show it is possible to predict the presence of liver damage by using emerging ultrasound technology, often without the need for a traditional biopsy. The tool generates a precise, quantifiable measure of the stiffness of liver tissue that shows accurate and consistent data that can be used to identify liver diseases such as cirrhosis, a condition causing scar tissue to form, and lead to lack of liver function.
Liver function can affect how well the body breaks down fats and proteins; how efficiently your immune system fights disease; and how well your blood filters toxins. Identifying issues like cirrhosis early in the vital organ can lead to preventing other chronic health concerns and even death.
“Patients benefit from this procedure because it takes just a few minutes and includes no skin puncture,” explains Ryan Saucier, RDMS, RT(R), ultrasound supervisor, Northern Light Imaging. “Shear Wave Elastography decreases potential concerns that may occur from an invasive procedure, such as infections, or complications. It is perhaps the most important breakthrough in the evolution of ultrasonography in the last 15 years.”
Patients concerned about possible liver issues may ask their primary care provider for a referral for Shear Wave Elastography at Northern Light Imaging.