Birth Journey Preparation

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re expecting, we look forward to meeting you and sharing your birth. We know you’re wondering about our birthing options, labor support and comfort care at The Birthplace. Every birth is unique and very special. Our classes are for expectant parents who are seeking information about coping skills and relaxation ideas.

We have many birthing options to learn about including: hydrotherapy, massage, visualization, birthing balls, gravity producing positions, and comfort care along the entire way.

Expectant fathers, partners, and support people will also learn how to be supportive, empowered, and involved. Let us help YOU to look forward to the birth of your baby with confidence, support and joy.

A one day workshop that goes over the material offered in our Birth Journey Preparation classes.

  • There is a fee of $100 for the Birth Journey One Day Workshop.

  • Payment is requested at the first class.

  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time for check in and payment. Thank-you!

  • Limited scholarships are available if needed. Please call 207-553-6320 to see if you qualify.

  • Class sizes are limited to provide individual attention.

  • All classes are held at the Mercy Fore River Hospital, in our 3rd floor conference room.

  • Class is 9 am to 3:30pm

  • Bringing a lunch is also recommended

Topics include:

  • Introduction and orientation

  • Labor

  • Variations In Pregnancy and Birth

  • Overview of Birth Preparation and Questions

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