Novel Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)

Date: 03/09/2020

We know that our patients and communities are concerned about the Novel (New) Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks worldwide. Northern Light Health, like other hospital systems across the country, prepares for events like this all year long through disaster management planning and training.

Northern Light Health is taking the steps necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and patients in anticipation of the spread of this disease. 

We strongly recommend that you stay up to date by referring to the Centers for Disease Control Fact Sheets.  The information on the CDC page is updated regularly as they learn more about the illness and how it is spread.

We also recommend visiting the Maine CDC website for up to date information.

The most effective way to protect yourself (and others) from any virus is by:

  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed hands.

  • Washing your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 40 seconds.  If you use hand sanitizer, make sure it is 60% alcohol. Hand sanitizer works best on hands that are visibly clean.

  • Using proper sneezing and coughing etiquette (cover your nose/mouth with your elbow).

  • Staying up to date on immunizations, including influenza.

  • Staying home when you are sick.

If you are experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please call your healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms.