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Charlotte Allen: A Legacy of Giving

Date: 07/11/2019

It’s May in the North Woods of Maine, and the ice is finally out on Moosehead Lake. It’s been a long, slow progression to spring, but soon the cold, dreary days will be forgotten; replaced by sun and, unfortunately, bug season.

Long-time Greenville resident Charlotte Allen recalls her first visit to the Moosehead Lake Region as a young girl; she traveled with her family from their home in New Jersey. Being an ocean lover, Charlotte recalls with a laugh that she hated the woods and the mosquitoes. Little did she know at the time, but that first visit to Greenville was the beginning of a life-long relationship with the region, its people, and Northern Light CA Dean Hospital. Charlotte’s love for her family and community truly shines when you sit and chat with her and she makes you feel like you are part of her family.

Charlotte loves her wonderful home located by the airport and is entertained daily by the area wildlife. This day of sitting down with Charlotte we enjoyed a herd of deer walking across the road and then the entertainment of comical chipmunks enjoying the seed she places out every day for them.

Charlotte and her husband, Telford Allen, raised three boys and two girls (Telford Allen II, Peter Allen, Thomas Allen, Lynn Ricci, and Liz Allen). One of the daughters was born several weeks early at Northern Light CA Dean Hospital, delivered by Dr. Nelson, who Charlotte knew for years.

Over the many years of living in the Greenville area, Charlotte recalls the wonderful care she received at Northern Light CA Dean Hospital, and the support she and her family has experienced from the community. This was never more apparent, or important, as it was when her son, Telford II died in a float plane accident on Moosehead Lake in 2010. The community came together to provide solace in the aftermath of the tragedy. In recognition of their appreciation for CA Dean, the family requested gifts be made in Telford II’s memory to the hospital.

Last year Charlotte was admitted to CA Dean with medical issues that needed further diagnosis. With Charlotte’s family at her side, her care team at CA Dean facilitated a smooth transfer to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center where she received wonderful care. After a brief stay at Eastern Maine Medical Center, Charlotte was able to transfer back to CA Dean and receive the remainder of her care closer to home. Being back in her community, close to family and friends empowered Charlotte to heal.

Charlotte fondly recalls her stay at CA Dean as a time of feeling like she was treated by family; highly skilled family, but family nonetheless. And it didn’t hurt that the food was very good!

Charlotte is so passionate about her causes, and the hospital is one of them. Being in such an isolated, rural area in Maine, having a hospital available is vital to the health and well-being of the people living in the area. Since Charlotte has personally experienced just how important having a quality healthcare facility in the area can be, she has been extremely supportive of CA Dean financially but also as an advocate in the community. Beyond annual giving, Charlotte continues to think about her family and community and has planned for the future of healthcare in the Moosehead Lake region by establishing a planned gift to the hospital.

To learn more, contact our director of philanthropy, Terri Sleeper at 207-973-5058 or