COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Volunteer Form

If you have been on the sidelines waiting for a way to support healthcare workers and our Click Here to Registercommunity during COVID-19, now’s your chance to move from the sidelines to the frontlines!
Northern Light Health is seeking people across Maine to volunteer their time at one or more of our Community Vaccine Clinics in a variety of roles, both clinical and non-clinical. We are actively recruiting individuals and groups such as athletic teams, service organizations, workplace teams, retirees, and more, who would be interested in caring for our communities and our neighbors as, together, we stand up to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Vaccinating ourselves and those around us is the fastest, safest way to steer ourselves out of the current pandemic and return us to the lives we love. Please consider doing your part by volunteering to help others at an upcoming Northern Light Health Community Vaccine Clinic.

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Business and Organization Group Volunteer Information

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