About Us

Education Opportunities

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center recognizes that nurses are lifelong learners. We support their continued growth through education and research because we know that it results in better patient care. This is accomplished by creating an atmosphere that stimulates learning and by testing new ideas for the improvement of nursing practice.

Our Education and Training Center provides ongoing in-house education and facilitates numerous conferences and seminars. The Bangor area features a number of colleges and universities. Financial aid in the form of tuition reimbursement or loans may be available to regular full-time or regular part-time employees (after one year of continuous service).

As a teaching medical center, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center is affiliated with several educational institutions. We offer a variety of clinical sites and experiences, including core clinical rotations for students from the University of Maine, Husson University, Eastern Maine Community College, and St. Joseph’s at both undergrad and graduate level.

We also partner with Kaplan University to provide continuing education opportunities to nurses interested in furthering their education.

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center supports nurses in their journey to pursue a BSN by partnering with local colleges and universities to offer a free course. This opportunity is geared toward nurses who may find it challenging to take the first step toward earning a four year degree. Nurses can continue their education at the institution where they take the free course or at another local college or university. We also offer loan repayment programs to practicing nurses at our Medical Center.