Simulation Laboratory

Anticipating the needs of a patient whose health is rapidly declining can be frightening for some nurses. At the Northern Light Health Simulation Lab, conveniently located at our main hospital campus, nurses strengthen their skills in a safe learning environment by practicing scenarios that require sound critical thinking and clinical management they would not be able to test elsewhere.

Through the use of high fidelity mannequins which have human body functions and responses, nurses can practice care for patients who are clinically unstable utilizing real equipment they use every day. There is also opportunity for nurses to collaborate in a multidisciplinary approach to increase understanding of team member’s roles and improve team dynamics to positively impact safe patient care.

As a tertiary care center, we leverage the knowledge of clinical experts throughout the Medical Center to develop in-depth best practice simulations that improve nurses’ competencies in a variety of areas. Some of the areas include obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatology, trauma, cardiology, and oncology. Many specialized services also engage in simulation to refine their team care of our sickest patients.

Our board-certified simulation specialists construct a variety of educational activities for nurses at every level of professional practice in one of our five spacious simulation bays. Our educational learning lab includes rooms allowing for streaming live video and debriefings with video playback after each simulation.

By discussing lessons learned, nurses increase their education, collaboration, and communication among all care team members. After a simulation experience, nurses often comment on their increased confidence, and greater satisfaction in their careers, which translates to a more positive environment for everyone.