Shannon L. Bailey

Name: Shannon L. Bailey, PharmD

Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Pharmacy Education: Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Professional Interests: Hematology/Oncology, Pharmacogenomics, Pediatrics

Favorite Hobbies: Playing guitar & piano, traveling, reading, and looking for four-leaf cloves 

What attracted you to EMMC: Growing up, I spent time enjoying Maine’s beautiful landscape every summer. When I was looking for programs, I knew that I wanted an overall diverse residency experience and specifically strong pediatric and oncology rotations, which is what initially attracted me to EMMC.  When I interviewed here, I knew that this was the right place for me. The environment is challenging yet everyone is incredibly supportive and willing to help me succeed. I’ve learned so much since I’ve gotten here and I’m extremely excited to see what other new opportunities this year brings!