Dismissal Policy

Academic Reasons for Dismissal

Should the Officials of the Program feel that a student’s academic performance is so poor as to be at risk for dismissal for academic reasons, the student will be placed on six weeks probation and his/her academic advisor informed immediately. Within the first several days of the probation period, the academic advisor and Program Officials will meet to discuss the problem. Plans for remedial assistance will be made and implemented by the Program Officials. Every effort will be made to restore the student to good academic standing. If, at the end of the probation period and remedial assistance, the student has not shown an improvement, he/she will be dismissed from the Program. If the student shows improvement, he/she will continue in the program without jeopardy.

Academic Standards

A student must achieve a grade of 70 in each clinical laboratory rotation and a final grade of 70 in each course to fully complete the Program. If a student is exhibiting a trend of less than 70 in either the didactic or clinical of a course, he/she will be subject to probation.

Other Reason for Dismissal

Breach of good conduct will be considered a serious offense and, depending on severity, may result in immediate dismissal from the program, subject to the grievance process outlined. Probationary or dismissal procedures may be instituted by Program Officials at any time for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations as outlined in the Laboratory Employee Handbook.

  2. Lack of emotional maturity and stability appropriate to the profession.

  3. Inability to work with co-workers, supervisors, and peers.

  4. Deliberate misrepresentation of laboratory results.

  5. Cheating on quizzes or exams.

  6. Inability to cope with stress of the profession.

  7. Representing someone else’s work as one’s own.

If the action leading to probationary dismissal procedures is found not to have been caused by or the fault of the student, he/she shall be returned to good standing and the record of the action will be removed from the student's file.