Technical Standards

Medical Laboratory Science students are expected to:

  • Prepare for instruction by reading assignments and reviewing notes prior to presentation or practice. If anything is unclear, ask questions.

  • Perform laboratory procedures demonstrating color vision, manual dexterity, visual acuity and the ability to follow directions.

  • Demonstrate the ability to verbally communicate and possess sufficient auditory function to hear phones, pages, instrument and system alarms.

  • Utilize, maintain and troubleshoot equipment.

  • Adhere to all hospital and laboratory safety policies and procedures.

  • Demonstrate good laboratory technique with results falling within acceptable range.

  • Demonstrate organization of work and time by completing assignments by established deadlines.

  • Demonstrate incorporation of theory in laboratory situations.

  • Adhere to program policies regarding attendance and punctuality.

  • Maintain a neat work area.

  • Develop and demonstrate a professional attitude towards faculty, laboratory staff, and other personnel with whom you come in contact.

  • Demonstrate initiative and motivation in performing tasks.

  • Respond to constructive criticism and direction, positively.

Compliance with these non-academic standards will be necessary to participate in and successfully complete Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center's Medical Laboratory Science program.