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Northern Light Mercy Hospital announces StarLights honorees

Date: 01/23/2019

The Fore River Campus sparkled when thousands of holiday lights illuminated a dozen evergreen trees at the fourth annual StarLights tree lighting ceremony and reception on Sunday, December 2.

StarLights is a fundraiser that supports our goal of building a healthier Maine, one Mainer at a time. Supporters purchased lights for $10 each to honor, remember, or pay tribute to family and friends, cancer survivors and caregivers, co-workers, and community leaders.

Listed below are individuals who have been honored and remembered by their loved ones.

In honor of:
Sandra Boyle
Catherine and Steve Brodie
Wendy Bush
Canavan Family
Mary and Joe Capabianco
Harry Cleaves
Sister Ruth Conlogue
Conlogue Family
Joan and Robert Crowley
Pam and David Crowley
Roxanne and David Cyr
Carol D.
Kim Dodge
Emergency Department
Jeanne and Jim Evans
Beth and John Fitzgerald
Frances and Frank Gallauresi
Susan Gallauresi
Tom and Cosette Gallauresi
Susie Garvey
Alice Herlihy
Joyce Hurley
Katie J.
Marguerite Kilbride
Pat M. Kilbride
Sister Patricia Kilbride
Charlotte Lachance
Carol LaFrance
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lancaster
Kate and George Lewis
John Locke
Stephanie Locke
George B. McCarthy
Patricia McKeon
Nancy Pora
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prather
Susan Samberg
Sisters of Mercy
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Styrcula
The Bernier Family
The Healey Family
The Smith Family
In memory of:
Lorraine Allen
Brian Anderson
Wyatt Anderson
Mrs. Barbara Arnold
Clifford Babkirk
Art Bartholomew
Priscilla Bartholomew
Leo J. Belesca
Franklin Berlucchi
Leon J. Bien
Alicia Brandow
Franklin E. Bray
Kathleen Brennan
Paul E. Brennan
Dean Bridges
Donald Bryson
Robert Burke
Janet Y. Burns
Gary Bush
Dan Cake
Albert and Ethel Callnan
Harry and Sharon Callnan
Lucy Candage
Joan Carmichael
Richard Carter
Nina Cherubino
Ben Clark
James L. Clark
Paul Clark
Sally Clark
Patricia Clifford
Jeffrey Cline
Gerald Conley, Sr.
Tom Cronkhite
Carleton R. Crowley
Mary L. Crowley
Karen Cumire
Judy Curran
Marie Dall
Hazel P. Davis
Armand Del Rossi
Mary Del Rossi
Sister Elizabeth Desjardins
Darlene Desmarais
Gerard Desmarais
Elizabeth Dicentes
Guy Dicentes, Jr.
Andrew Dodge
Arthur Dodge
Catherine Donahue
Evelyn H. Dooley
Fr. Richard Dooley
Frances T. Dooley
Jacqueline E. Dooley
Francis M. Dooley, MD
John R. Dooley, MD
Eleanor Doyle
Genevieve Doyle
Donald King Farr
Dennis Farrell, Jr.
Peter Filaroski Family
Fitzgerald Family
Lori L. Fletcher
Gordon A. Flint
Mr. and Mrs. Bartley Foley
John & Elizabeth Foley
Kevin B. Foley
Macka Foley
Margaret M. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Foley
Michael Foley
Patrick Foley Family
Peter Foley Family
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Foley
Philip J. Foley
Mabel A. Franco
Claudette Gagnon
Marilyn Joy D. Gale
Connie Jenning Gauvin
Helena Gauvin
Rodney J. Gauvin
Pete Gibson
Robert F. Gordon
Ronald Gramaglia
Beverly Grant
Walter Grant
Pauline M. Hahn
Ann C. Harriman
Norman Hawkins
Mark Hellen
Janyce Howard
Susan Howard
Teresa Hurley
Mariene Ingraham
Gerald Johnson
Brandon Keating
Donald Keating
Steven Keating
Florence Kelleher
James Kelleher
Dr. Roger Kendrick
George Ketter
Margaret Ketter
George Ketter, Jr.
Jill Landers
Terry L. Libbey
Anne Locke
Bill Locke
Eileen Luttrell
Michael Malia
Rochelle Malia
Bob Masterson, CCRN
Jean McCloy
Sandra Lee McCutcheon
Theresa McDonugh Foley
Carmella McKeon
June McLeod
McManus Family
Ann V. Melaugh
William B. Melaugh
David E. Miller
Kay Moffett
Dorothy Morgan
Gilbert Morgan
Alan T. Morin
John Morrison
Dad Moulton
Sheila Murray
William Murray
My Deceased Family
Liz Olen Cook
James and Cecilia O'Reilly
Arlene Malia Pesce
Carmine Pesce
Anna Pippin
Douglas Plummer
Jade Plummer
Kendall Plummer
Rachel Plummer
Robert Plummer
John A. Pora
Sara J. Pora
David Putnam
Pat Quinlan
Mary Catherine Ragan
Matthew S. Rairdon
Jennifer Raymond
Harry and Florence Rush, Sr.
Janet Aceto Shannon
Gerald Smith
Bill and Peggy Smythe
Pete and Helen Smythe
Jane Staley
Robert Stewart
Gwen Studerman
Lindsey Sweeney
Michael J. Taliento
Gloria Tewhey
Les Thomas
Eric Tongren
Rocco and Patricia Toppi
Frank G. Turner
Margaret Turner
Peter J. Turner
Dorothy Valente
Ernest S. Valente, Jr
Ernest S. Valente, Sr
Mabel L. Valente
Norman (Bud) Walton
Mary L. Wilson
Wallace Wright