Pastoral Care

Northern Light Mayo Hospital is committed to caring for the whole person and holistic approach coordinates and accommodates the spiritual and emotional care for our patients, their families, and the hospital staff. Spiritual care is affirmed as an integral part of the team approach to health care. The Chaplaincy Program at Mayo Hospital provides religious and spiritual care to people of all faiths as well as to those who are not affiliated with any particular organized religious group.

Pastoral care is under the direction of the Rev. Ray Beless, and the Chaplaincy Committee. Serving as staff chaplain, Rev. Beless makes regular visitations to patients and families during the week and on an on-call basis. Trained volunteer chaplains consisting of local clergy representing a variety of faiths are also available on an on-call basis to offer spiritual support. Spiritual care is available 24 hours a day. Local clergies are encouraged to visit their parishioners upon request of the patient.

A meditation room is available for use for spiritual needs and devotional materials are found there. It is located off of the lobby near the front entrance to the hospital for those wishing a place for prayer or meditation. Those who desire a visit either from the staff chaplain or a volunteer chaplain should ask their nurse. Rev. Beless can be contacted at 717-8750 or by pager at 750-0043.