Northern Light Mayo Hospital’s Urology Department is able to perform many in-office and surgical procedures previously available only at larger hospitals outside of our community.

Patients love the personal service and convenience they receive at Mayo Hospital.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding clinical care, with a personalized, patient-centered, and evidence-based approach. This includes streamlined patient access, multidisciplinary care, and the highest standards for quality and safety.

Common ailments such as incontinence and kidney stones are a common occurrence and can be corrected using minimally invasive procedures.  For instance, we have the ability to break up kidney stones with lasers, perform vasectomies and prostate surgeries.  We use the same instruments and scopes as the larger hospitals, so our patients no longer have to travel for routine procedures to get great treatment.

We offer state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment in most aspects of adult and pediatric urology, including cancer, voiding dysfunction and incontinence, infections, stones, congenital anomalies, upper tract obstruction, and urinary tract reconstruction. We use endoscopic and minimally invasive approaches to correct these conditions.