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COVID-19 Testing Capabilities

Date: 06/18/2020

The Governor’s office recently announced a standing order to expand testing for Maine residents, including in some cases individuals without COVID-19 symptoms, by increasing their testing technology and capability and by adding several additional specimen collection sites across the state.

This is great news and a key part of opening the state safely during the summertime. We fully support the state’s goal of having everyone coming into the state tested, and will work with them as they take the necessary steps to make this testing possible.

Please note that at this time, testing capacity must still be carefully managed because key testing supplies remain limited throughout the state, despite what you may hear in the media. To conserve supplies for those patients who need them most, Northern Light Health continues to prioritize patients who meet the following descriptions:

  • Critically ill patients who require hospitalization for their disease
  • Symptomatic healthcare workers and first responders (e.g. EMA, Police, Fire, etc.) performing direct patient care
  • Symptomatic people living in a group setting (e.g. long-term care facilities, group homes, assisted living facilities, and shelters)
  • Patients with symptoms of COVID-19 disease (Tiers I - III)
  • Patients undergoing aerosolizing generating invasive procedures.

All patients who wish to be tested by Northern Light Health must first complete the screening process and have a referral. To do this, please call our Screening Hotline at 1.844.489.1822.

We are working hard to further expand our own testing capabilities, but our current capacity to provide testing is still somewhat limited.

We understand that it can be frustrating to not have access to testing when you want it and hope you understand we are working as hard as we can to expand access while providing testing to those people most in need.