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Nokomis Students Make a Holiday Music Video for SVH Patients and Staff

Date: 12/31/2020

Local music students helped get patients and Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital staff in the holiday spirit this year by sharing a music video they created. Called the Sounds of Caring, the video shows students singing holiday favorites, playing musical instruments, and sharing words of encouragement for patients and healthcare staff.          

According to Dean Neal, music teacher at Nokomis Regional High School, “Our music students who perform in groups generally get to connect with our community through concerts, parades, and other activities like singing/playing for hospitalized patients and healthcare staff, but with all the restrictions due to COVID-19, we have been unable to do that. Creating a video that could be played for patients and staff to enjoy was a way for us to be able to reach into the community with a little bit of music and messages of encouragement.”

Neal added, “Music can be such a powerful thing to unite a community and with the lack of live performances and the inability for our students to play and sing together, this was a way to encourage the kids to make some music on their own but also to impact others in the process.”

The video is 9:30 minutes in length and features more than a dozen students:

Staff have connected patients to the music video for a few weeks now on the school’s YouTube channel through iPads and patients have applauded the students’ efforts. One patient who gave us permission to share her comment and photo is Sharon Hunter from Hartland who said, “I love the video, and it's good for them to do this to make you feel better.”

“Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital wants to thank Nokomis music students for their thoughtfulness and time in creating the Sounds of Caring video,” said Tracy Bonney-Corson, RN, vice president of nursing and patient care services. “The virtual performance lifts the spirits of our patients and our staff and shows us how much you care – and that means everything to us!”