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Visitation Guidelines Update

Date: 10/20/2020

As we balance the need of patients and their families with the safety concerns for everyone who enters the hospital and all our locations, we will continue to adjust our policies as the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 change. With a lower number of cases in Kennebec County, we continue to relax our visitor policy for some areas. This policy may need to be adjusted quickly if circumstances change. Below please see our Visitation Guidelines that are effective on October 20, 2020.

Visitation is restricted to visitors 18 years of age and older. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis only for patients at end of life status or in swing bed status.

Acute Care Unit: Inpatients are allowed one visitor per day (except for patients at end of life will be allowed up to 4 visitors a day) between the hours of 10 am – 6 pm. Visitors will need to enter through the main hospital entrance between 10 am and 6 pm and go through a screening process that will include a temperature check. Please do not visit if you are feeling sick.

  • While only one person will be allowed per day, that designated person can change each day. The visitor cannot leave the patient room during the visit.
  • Everyone entering our facility must wear a mask or face covering for the duration of their time in the hospital.
  • If a patient is accepting a visitor, the patient must also wear a mask for the duration of the visit.

Please note: Any patients suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 cannot have in-person visitors. Alternative options for communications for these patients (i.e. Zoom) is available in order to keep families connected.

Day Surgery Unit: At this time, due to space limitations in the waiting room, one visitor may accompany the patient for the outpatient procedure and stay in the patient’s Day Surgery room until discharge. If the visitor is unable to stay the entire time, they may leave, and we will bring the patient to the exit once recovery is complete for the visitor to take them home.

Emergency Department: A single visitor will be allowed with all emergency department patients. The visitor must always wear a mask and additionally must stay with the patient at all times.

Outpatient Provider Offices: One person/companion may accompany a patient during their visit at our primary and specialty care offices. The companion must be screened like the patient and must wear a face mask throughout the visit.

Lab, Imaging, Rehab Offices/Areas: No visitors are allowed in the waiting room or in the treatment areas of the lab, imaging or rehabilitation with limited exceptions. The only exceptions are one parent or guardian for a minor or if the patient requires their help with communication with the care team.

Thank You!

We understand that family support is an important part of a patient’s well-being. We are doing all we can to best protect those in our care as well as all in our community. Thank you for understanding.