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Visitation Suspended with limited exceptions on Nov 21

Date: 11/22/2020

We are experiencing a surge of COVID-19 cases in our community and our hospital. In the last 14 days, Somerset County experienced a 99% increase in COVID-19 positive cases and the state has experienced a 59% increase in this same time period. While we are well prepared to care for all our patients and have been preparing for this, we have decided to suspend most visitation with very limited exceptions at our hospital and practices effective Saturday, November 21, 2020.

Visitation will not be permitted in most areas as an important safety measure we can take to immediately reduce risk for our patients and staff. However, there are unique circumstances when it is important for loved ones to assist or visit patients. These conditions include:

  • patients at end-of-life  
  • pediatric patients can have one parent or guardian
  • patients who may need help with mobility or communicating with the care team can have one support person 

Our hospital and practices are still open for regular patient care activities and appointments, with an entry screening process and other safety measures in place that help protect everyone, including wearing a hospital-issued face mask at all times. Personal face coverings/masks will not be permitted. Again, visitors will not be allowed except for the limited situations noted above. We ask visitors to please wait in their vehicle and the care team will keep them updated.

Patients who think they may have symptoms of COVID-19 and are scheduled for a medical appointment, should call their office first. This is important to prevent the potential spread of the virus to patients and the care teams that are working hard to keep everyone healthy.

Thank you for your help as we update our policies to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community.

Every individual can make a difference. Now is the time to be more vigilant than ever about wearing face masks/coverings, practicing social distancing, regularly cleaning hands, and avoiding gatherings.