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Week 12 - Safe Return to Business Zoom Series - The New School Year

Date: 08/21/2020

We’re all in this together, let’s figure out  how to successfully start a new school year, take on new demands, new routines, and ensure we’re taking care of ourselves and each other.

Week 12 –  The New School Year: Let’s Figure It Out Together
Thursday, August 27, 11 am

Moderator: Karen Hawkes, VP of Operations Northern Light Beacon Health


  • Jim Jarvis, MD, FAAFP, Medical Director, Clinical Education, Northern Light EMMC, COVID Response Incident Commander
  • Chris McLaughlin, LCSW, AVP Community and Pediatric Services Northern Light Acadia
  • Suzanne Moreshead, RN, BSN, Infection Control Specialist, Northern Light Health
  • Yemaya St. Clair, LCPC-C, EAP, Workforce Performance Solution, Northern Light Health

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