Tree of Hope Registration


The Tree of HOPE Postpartum Support Group is designed specifically for moms and dads who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or any perinatal mood disorder during their pregnancy or after delivering their baby. Our meetings will allow participants to share supports and strategies, as well as discuss personal experiences. Family members of participants are welcome to attend to be able to learn from others how to successfully support a loved one experiencing a perinatal mood disorder. All babies are welcome!

Each participant is given the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their current experiences; however, speaking is optional – some participants prefer just to listen. If this is the case for you, just say "pass" at your turn.

The most important part of this opportunity is for you to be able to share your feelings and experiences with others in a safe, supportive environment, and to connect with others who may feel like you do. A facilitator (usually a volunteer) strives to ensure equal time for all and keep the focus on appropriate topics. Negative or judgmental comments and interruptions will not be tolerated.

Other good things to know!

Your participation in the Tree of HOPE Postpartum Support Group is completely voluntary and the information that you share with the group or with the facilitator will not be protected by state or federal confidentiality laws. You will not receive medical or therapeutic advice, diagnosis, or treatment from Northern Light Inland Hospital or the facilitator through your participation in this group. The group will not replace or supplement the relationship you have with your physician, therapist, or other healthcare provider. The information that you gather from the group through your participation will be solely educational. If you have any healthcare or mental health related questions, you should contact your physician, therapist, or other health care provider. If you experience a medical emergency or mental health crisis, immediately call 911. If the group's facilitator believes, in good faith, that you are experiencing a crisis, the facilitator will notify the Maine Crisis Hotline at 1-888-568-1112 (Voice) 711 (Maine Relay) or 911 and notify your emergency contact person you list below.

Tree of HOPE Postpartum Support Group Terms and Conditions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our support group will meet online in a virtual meeting room using a corporate version of Zoom, which is secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.

After completing the Tree of HOPE online registration, you will receive an email with a Zoom registration meeting link. You will need to complete this Zoom registration meeting link for each date you want to attend. After you fill out the Zoom registration for the dates you want to attend, you will receive specific meeting ID links for the date(s) you selected. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

If you have questions or need assistance registering, please contact Bridgette Gemelli at 861.6091 or