My Moves

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

A number of years ago I invented a sequence of moves for myself to do though I can’t remember why. It was just a combination of moves I was fond of, some taken from yoga, some just discovered on my own as I strung the moves all together. I was so pleased with the result I tried to get others to do it.

“Come on, just try it,” I’d say after it became clear I was going to have to apply a little pressure. “It will make you feel so good afterwards.” I was even willing to customize with on-the-spot modifications to ensure universal access.

But no one wants to do someone else’s moves. Not even me. As it turned out, my sister had also choreographed a series of moves as an all-purpose relaxer, energizer, flexibility enhancer and stress reducer. When we discovered our like-mindedness, we both spent some time trying to convince each other to come over to the other side. In truth, I really liked her moves but there was no way I was going to concede.

 By then I’d developed a pretty solid routine of doing my sequence in the morning before going downstairs for coffee. As I flowed through the cascading waterfall move and circled my arms all the way around in the side plank move it was a way of right off establishing myself in the world to my fullest extension. (There are more moves. Just ask me!) After announcing my presence to the day in this way, I felt myself to be a more solid participant.

You can probably tell I’m pretty satisfied with my moves. And then Dr. Astrid Andreescu came along last week with her latest 5-Minute Stress Relief quarterly presentation on mindful movement techniques for inner calm, energy and focus. In this presentation she explains and then takes participants through a sequence of Qigong moves, Qigong being kind of like the Chinese equivalent of yoga. I was blown away. It was beautiful. There is some kind of magic that happens in these inventive moves, the way they shift and play with energy. For the first time I found myself wanting to memorize someone else’s moves and bring them into my life on a daily basis. (But I’m still keeping mine.)

In application, I can see the value of Dr. Andreescu’s moves as the full sequence or in individual pieces at various points throughout the day depending upon the need. Here is the link to the 30-minute presentation. Here is the link to the 15-minute demonstration/practice.

All of her presentations and weekly 5-Minute Stress Relief sessions are archived right here on Northern Light’s Wellness page. It would be a pity to put limits on our moves.

(I like to) Move it move it,