Requirements for all program participants

The following meetings and consultations are required of all program participants

  • Free Information Seminar: This free online information session is designed to introduce you to Northern Light Surgical Weight Loss. We provide a comprehensive program overview, introduce components of our program, and help you understand next steps. Find out if you meet the criteria for weight loss surgery. Learn more by calling 207-973-6383.

  • Free Support Group: Our online support group brings together patients who have already had weight loss surgery and people who are considering this life-changing procedure.

  • Primary Care Referral: Patients are encouraged to discuss weight loss surgery with a primary care physician and begin obtaining a referral form to decrease wait times in the program.

  • Consultation and education with a bariatric dietitian

  • Education with a physical therapist

  • Consultation with a bariatric psychologist

  • Consultation with a bariatric surgeon

  • Authorization of surgery with your insurance company

  • Potential evaluation for sleep apnea with an overnight sleep study for patients who are determined to be at high risk.