Eye Care

We provide comprehensive eye care and ophthalmologic services to include: Cataract, Glaucoma, Laser Surgery, YAG Capsulotomy, Dry Eye, Eyelid Repair, Strabismus, Lid Tightning and more. To assist you in learning as much as possible about your condition (s), we have educational brochures, models of the eye, visual aids, videos. Our experienced Certified Ophthalmic Technicians are also available to answer your questions.

Prescription Assistance
As a service to our patients, the physician has obtained Border Area Licenses. This allows the physician to write prescriptions for our patients and have them filled at a significantly reduced cost. All medications are airmailed directly to your home for approximately $12 per prescription. Prescriptions are limited to a 90-day supply. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for your prescription(s) to arrive.

For your convenience, we have obtained informational brochures and related materials which are available upon request.

For more information and/or to participate in this program, please contact the office at 207-973-8876 or speak with one of our staff members.