Student Nurse Externship Program

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center offers a paid Student Nurse Externship Program for nursing students. As a student nurse extern, nursing students are introduced to an environment that fosters excellence in all areas of nursing.

This ten-week summer extern program provides nursing students with educational opportunities to improve their nursing skills in a collegial relationship with RNs while providing summer employment. It is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the professional practice of nursing in the clinical setting.

Under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse, nurse externs provide direct patient care, gain hands-on experience, and enhance their assessment skills. Externs are introduced to various specialties of interest through a clinical rotation model. Examples of areas of interest include operating room, PACU, and critical care.

This program helps students develop organizational and time management skills. Nurse externs have the opportunity to attend the committees governed by Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center’s nurses.

Educational in-services are presented throughout the ten-week program to further supplement the learning process. In addition, externs are involved in community events such as Camp Survivor and assist with duties at the Ronald McDonald House.

Successful completion provides an opportunity for those externs that excel to be awarded scholarships for their senior year in college if there is a commitment to practice at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center after graduation.

Erin F. Ross BSN RN - Staff Developer, Clinical Education

Sandy Benton, MSN, RN - Manager, Clinical Education

Sohonnel Thompson, MHA, BSN, RN - Associate Vice President, Patient Care Services