Culture of Quality

A Staff Driven Safety Initiative

Since 2012, our nurses, physicians, and clinical support staff have participated in enhancing patient safety program born out of safety protocols in the airline industry. This staff-driven initiative allows participants to create new, hardwired safety tools that enhance communication and streamline information systems that improve patient safety measures. With participation from our nurses, the program has improved processes that resulted in safer care in many areas of the hospital.

Our nurses are continually working to improve the quality of patient care and the workplace environment to ensure a culture of quality. 

Quality improvement projects currently underway include:

  • Hand Hygiene: An Educational Program to Improve Practices

  • Teach-Back: Will Education of a Teach-Back Tool to Registered Nurses Increase Their Willingness to Implement the Tool?

  • Sideboards: A Multi-Pronged Educational Approach to Increase Usage

  • Hourly Rounding in Conjunction with Bed Alarms on the Night Shift: Do Fall Rates Decrease?

  • Fall Prevention: Are Wristbands an Effective Strategy?  

  • Music Therapy: Do Nurses know the Benefits in Post-Operative Patients?

  • Bedside Reporting: Are we Consistent and Does it Increase Nurse Satisfaction when Compared to Phone Call Reporting?

  • Revisiting Pain Control of Oncological patients. What Do Nurses Know and Practice?

  • Code Status: What are the Methods of Notification and What do RNs prefer?

  • Implementing a New Fall Scale: Does using the Morse Fall Scale Result in Fewer Falls When Compared to the Conley Fall Scale?

  • Locked Medication Bedside Storage Units: Does Their Use Improve Registered Nurse Satisfaction?

  • Will education of Progressive Mobility Protocols Increase their Usage?

  • Revisiting Fall Prevention through Education to Reduce Patient Fall Rates

  • Patient Hand-Off Tool between the ED and ICU: Perceptions of Current Practices that Lead to a Hand-Off Tool

  • Revisiting 4-Eyed Skin Assessments: Improving Staff Education

  • Can Better Education about the Patient Search Policy Improve Perceptions of Nurse Safety?

  • Hourly Rounding on the Night Shift: Does it Prevent Falls and Increase Staff Satisfaction?

  • Teaching Workplace Incivility Educational Strategies to New Graduate Nurses: Is this Helpful?